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Sports Cabriolet


The sports cabriolet represents the evolution of freedom, taking the quintessential joy of cruising with the top down to the next level. Dynamic, masterful and picture-perfect, these soft-top sport cars combine excellent comfort and practical versatility with a refined sporty personality and explosive power.

The most innovative luxury convertibles have evolved into soft-top sports cars, able to deliver an all-round driving thrill and the open-top motoring only dreamed of by sports convertible enthusiasts. Refined to be elegant yet playful, it equally conveys the idea that serious fun does not exclude serious performance.

Unrestrained power

Fuel-injected turbo-charged engines provide a powerful drive that can be felt as soon as the vehicle accelerates. Power is delivered evenly and smoothly, with no loss of exhilarating acceleration, proving a luxury convertible can deliver both style and substance.

The combination of petrol direct injection with turbo charging provides more pulling power from less fuel. This impressive traction and reserve power coupled with refined running and efficiency make it a far more economical drive while still delivering high torque, swift acceleration and explosive power.

Sports innovation

An overall superior driving experience is what to expect from a sports convertible. Incorporating a range of innovative driving technologies which bring an increase in power and handling, the luxury convertible provides a sharper drive and the all-round performance of a custom tuned sports car.

The innovative gearbox design provides faster gear shifts and sportier driving by combining the sporty characteristics of a manual gearbox with the advantages of an automatic. Gear-changes are performed easily with no delay and, depending on the driver’s preference, the dual clutch gearbox may shift gears to fully automatic or manual mode using the gearshift paddles on the steering wheel.

For absolute mastery of driving dynamics, sports cabriolets have an innovative driving dynamics system which allows drivers to adjust the characteristics of their luxury convertible which determine the quality of the driving experience. The engine, transmission, steering, shock absorbers and the sport differential can be adjusted to individual vehicle configuration preferences at any time. The result is a custom tuned vehicle which ranges from outstandingly comfortable to intensely sporty at the push of a button.

Elegantly efficient

Fuel consumption and CO2 emissions are reduced via a start-stop system which switches off the engine when the car is stationary and starting it again when the accelerator is pressed.

A driver information system brings together a wide range of individual displays with an integrated efficiency program which can provide an overview of consumption data and provide fuel-saving suggestions for ultra-economical driving.

Further fuel is saved with the energy recovery system which can convert kinetic energy into electrical energy while the car is coasting or being braked.

Engineering progress and automotive innovation have created a convertible sports car which delivers the sharp handling and impressive power of high-performance hard tops, while maintaining a unique sense of luxurious style. The result is a vehicle that is the envy of all previous generations and a true evolution of open top motoring freedom.

Audi South Africa continues their tradition of automotive innovation in the luxury convertible arena. Test drive an Audi today and experience the evolution of freedom and superior performance of the Sports Cabriolet.

Fair Trade Fashion is Eco Fashion

Fair Trade fashion items like blouses, skirts, and accessories like jewelry and handbags are great because they ensure that a greater portion of the money gets to the people who make the products.  However, Fair Trade fashion is also good for the environment.


Don’t believe it?  Consider this:  the raw materials for most Fair Trade fashion items are cultivated in a sustainable fashion because it makes economic sense for the people harvesting them—slash and burn tactics are just so inefficient.  So the next time you’re checking out an article of clothing or an accessory that’s stamped with the Fair Trade logo, you’re also considering and Eco fashion item!


Now, of course, there are obvious exceptions to this rule.  Not every Fair Trade item is an eco fashion item, but most are.  You simply have to do a little product research to know if you’re getting what you’re paying for.  You see, Eco fashion means either that the clothing and accessories you’re purchasing do not harm the environment or that they are manufactured by companies who give back to the environment through purchasing energy credits, paying for tree plantations, or supporting other Earth-Friendly projects.


So, when hunting for Eco friendly fashions, find out where the product is made, by whom, and if possible, how.  It may be as simple as reading the label sewn into the garment, reading the mission statement on the storefront’s website, or emailing the distributor (or sometimes the manufacturer directly).  Sure it takes a little more effort but Mother Earth will reward you for your time.  And if she doesn’t, she will reward your children and theirs.


You see, eco friendly fashion is not only an investment in your social standing, it’s an investment in the human race’s future.  In short, forcing manufacturers to embrace Eco friendly fashion (or Earth Friendly fashion to put it another way) is everybody’s responsibility.  It sounds melodramatic, I know, but if we don’t start taking responsibility for the future, there won’t be one.


Now that the heavy thinking is done, let me give you a few Earth Friendly fashion tips.  Consider recycled items in addition to items manufactured from natural fibers.  They not only keep waste out of landfills but they ensure that we’re getting the most bang for a carbon footprint.  And remember that Earth Friendly fashion doesn’t have to be earth tones.  You can find great items in all sorts of jazzy colors.

So next time you’re shopping, shop with your brain and not just your credit card.

Visit the site for fair trade fashion products, fair trade jewelry, ethical clothing, hippie hats, green gifts products and various other Christmas gifts.

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Health Behavior and Health Education

What do you see as the strengths and weaknesses of the Transtheoretical Model?

TMM has both criticisms and strengths. One of the major strength of TMM is that this model addresses the phases or stages that are experienced by an individuals before they may execute actions to change their health behaviors. These stages include precontemplation, contemplation and preparation. These stages are useful in better understanding why individuals are willing to change in connection to a specific health behavior. A good example here is when the youths practice unprotected sexual intercourse and they do not care listening or seeking information on how to protect themselves by using contraceptives like condoms. These youths are in precontemplation stage as they do not pay any attention to information on having protected sex. TMM does not only address the aspect of change but it also allows a spiral effect. In this case, many individuals are seen typically making many trials in changing their behaviors and imitating actions before they actually engage in them.

On the other hand, some of the weaknesses of TMM include the fact that it is not clear to many people where the social liberation component fits in. Other models or processes have essentially indicated with empirical support that social liberation does not have a home in the stages of change. This shows that TMM may be considered as not articulated. The other weakness of this model is that there is a termination stage. In actuality, termination stage is not applicable to many behaviors and it is not realistic. This is because many people who adopt a new behavior cannot indicate that they have never thought of that behavior. For instance, patients who have encouraged to stop eating sugary foods may consume them in a birthday party.


Describe ways that the PAPM and TTM are similar and ways that they differ.

PAPM is different from TTM in that it recognizes a stage whereby people may not be aware of a risk or precaution. Additionally, it includes a stage whereby people specifically decide not to act but this is not included in the measurement of TTM. The early stages of precaution adoption in PAPM center more on increasing understanding of risk than it is the case in TTM. The applicability of PAPM is not comparable to that of TTM in that there is increasingly understanding of risks. This can also be explained by the stage included in PAPM for the people who specifically decide not to act. On the other hand, similarities between PAPM and TTM include that they both have different stages that have identical names. These two models are used in measuring health behaviors

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Health Care System of Home Health Store



Health care system contributes to the well being of the residents of a province. Both government and non government establishments take care of all the health care facilities. Health is a primary concern for all the individuals and well developed health care systems provide useful guidance for people of all ages. Health care system planning is distributed among market participants and is an organization of people, institutions, and resources to deliver health care services to meet the health needs of target populations.

There are different kinds of health care facilities available. Some of these health care amenities are –

1. Diagnostic Centers.

2. Nursing Homes.

3. Hospitals.

4. Blood Banks.

5. Health Clubs.

6. Mobile Health Clinics.

7. Health centers.

8. Dispensaries and 24 hour chemists.

Health home care involves knowing how to self treat, choosing the doctor and understanding the tests and procedures you undergo. People enjoy longer life spans many of them develop serious chronic illnesses on the way. They manage to live near normal lives, thanks to advances in medical technology.  But the quality of their lives compromised sadly. Some patients lose flexibility, while others lose mobility and still others encounter severe pain. This is where home health care equipment comes to rescue.

The availability of a number of high quality home health care equipment has revolutionized the health care industry. It has also made life much easier and more comfortable. The cost has also dropped a lot. In the past, these products were too expensive.

An important fall out of the easy availability of home healthcare equipment is the greater level of awareness among people. People are now informed about the choices they have got, they have also come to know that where, why, how and what to use to make their life comfortable.

It’s fortunate to have very comprehensive orbit of services. There might be issues and in order to deal with these issues, a tool called “Tele-primary Care” has been designed. This allows doctors in remote areas to discuss the problems with specialists to cure all from these. In general, hospitals are outstanding and are stocked with the latest in medical equipments. 

If you want to know more about Medical Oxygen Supplies and find the best health service provider, visit our website at ==> home health store.

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Marine Technology


I own a boat and my job is to take people for sailing trips that are fun and adventurous. Usually every weekend I am near sea shore and tourists who like to explore the ocean approach me.The typical marine autopilots system can eliminate the need for constant steering by a captain. Marine autopiloting can help to control the ship rudder or access the control panel or rudder drive and head. Of course, there is only one way to determine which marine autopilots are the best on the market (and there are plenty at that). That would be to sample these systems and find out which ones provide the most effective heading and how the sensor tracks a course in windy conditions.One of the newest developments in autopilot technology is the use of microprocessors. This allows marine autopilots to handle more complex operations such as automatic compensation for asymmetry in steering, counter-rudder and course tracking and of course automatic sea state adaptation. In previous decades, these devices were only used by very costly commercial ships. Nowadays these sophisticated devices are being marketed to the individual boater.

Primarily, the biggest difference in today’s Marine VHF market is portability. Whereas 25 years ago, if you wanted to scan the radio channels on your VHF radio, you had to stop what you were doing and go to where your unit was mounted. Today you can have a portable, hand held unit to carry around with you wherever you go on your boat. If you have a boat with a sun deck and you like to catch some sun while drinking a few beverages, a hand held Marine VHF unit is perfect for you. Another point for hand held units, and probably the most important, is that the sound quality does not fall off one bit in most quality units.Can you use your satellite phone anywhere in the world? Not exactly, though potentially satellite TV could do this. The main restriction here is that satellite companies purposely limit their services to one region for better overall service and for legal purposes. For instance, in some countries it would be illegal for you to use marine satellite phones, because that might interfere with their local frequencies, which could result in confusion.

Much like sonar technology, which bounces sound waves off objects below the surface of the water, marine GPS devices use high-frequency low-power radio signals emitted from satellites in orbit around the Earth to determine your position on the water. When these signals hit your GPS receiver, the receiver calculates an x-y coordinate marking your position.Another important item in marine electronics is that of water makers. Water makers allow personnel to “make” their own water, by filtering out the salt content in the usually undrinkable seawater. Remember that seawater, though not always poisonous, is counterproductive. You take in so much salt that you need more liquids to push it out; after a short time you would eventually start to thirst very badly. The only option for extended sea journeys is taking along a water maker system.

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Music in Milwaukee

Music in Milwaukee is ailed by a lack of defined identity.  It is not simply that any mention of the Milwaukee music scene doesn’t cause any particular sound to come to mind.  It is that there really does not seem to be a group that captures the spirit of Milwaukee, a local group whose sound is unquestionably and uncompromisingly the audio portrait of the Thrillwaukee experience.

That seems to have been the case before The Pushers came to be.  Their direct interpretation of the Great Lakes blues tradition is honest, pulls no punches, and is equally fitting as theme music for a killer party in Bay View as it is seeping out the stereo on a lazy suburban day.  The music is pulsating with power, but it does not blatantly unleash it – Rather, it simmers underneath the a misleadingly calm and low key exterior.  There is something in there that a Brew City native instinctively understands.

The songs’ themes are inclined to to center around on mundane topic, but in a meaningful manner.  The band’s smash hit, and go-to hard-rocker ‘Heartbreaker’ combines blues slide playing and hard rock rock’n’roll to relate the musings of a notorious ladies’ man whose ability to make the ladies head-over-heels fall in love with him is at once a gift and a curse – the audience can’t tell if the protagonist is boasting or expressing regret as he describes the ever shifting lineup of women whose temporary obsession makes him forget that in spite of all appearances, he is painfully alone.

Principally contributing to the framework of The Pushers’ sound is Rogers’s guitar playing.  It is both  phenomenal yet low-profile – he slings catchy guitar licks and fiery solos alike with the identical purposeful subtlety, all under frontman Cooper’s defiant growl.  The singer, whose presence does not limit itself to just being the ideal representation of the everyman protagonist portrayed in the lyrics, wields a blues harp.  Not only does merely including a harmonica set The Pushers  apart from fellow regional heavy groups, the manner in which it maniacally scorches along with the guitar destroys any similarity to blues groups also.  The Pushers churn out tunes that are completely unrelated to other music in Milwaukee.

The rhythm section, bass player Blackburn and skinsman Cejka bite into seething slow mosh grooves, thunder out attention-grabbing breaks, and simply speed along, all without a hiccup or hesitation.  They build the type of backdrop that is often absent in the majority of of modern actual heavy music: rhythm that inspires people to actually want to get up and DANCE.  The popularity of a lot of music in Milwaukee is usually related to an act’s capacity to keep the bar and event hordes content, and The Pushers manage it without losing any of their integrity.  That is because their music so faultlessly captures the experience here, both the good times and the bad.

If you are searching for a perfect example of music in Milwaukee, look no further than The Pushers.  They’re the ones to watch over the coming years.

Jay T Michaels – Music discoverer and blogging enthusiast

Download “Yellow Lights” on iTunes HERE:

Twitter: @jakemiller
Snapchat: @jmillermusic
Instagram: @jakemiller

Info on tickets, meet and greets, and shows at

Music video by Jake Miller performing Yellow Lights. © Warner Brothers Records.
Music Video Directed by Edgar Esteves

“Yellow Lights” Lyrics

Verse 1
Uh, look, she hit me up on the regular
3am and she blowin up my cellular
Every night she got my phone going “beep beep”
So I’m bout to serve it up Rodger Federer

Lately I’ve been comin through like every night
Cuz she know she can get it whenever she like
She in the bed and she layin on her back
Sending pictures to my phone like I’m ready where you at?

Pre 1
I know she want it
Thats why she callin
She got me running…

All these yellow lights
She craving, waiting for it every night
I’m speeding feigning for that paradise
Thats why I’m flying through these yellow lights
Can’t think twice, she want it bad (Yeah)
She want it bad (uh)
Can’t think twice, I’m running that

Verse 2
Can’t think twice cuz she want it bad
Full speed tryna score like a running back (uh)
Cop cars in my rearview
Tryna slow me down now…
Ha, good luck with that

I’m swervin lanes (swervin lanes)
Stick shift (stick shift)
Windows down (yeah)
Tokyo Drift shit
I’m getting closer every minute
She keep on sending pictures to my phone like I’m ready come and get it

Pre 2
I know she want it
Thats why she callin
She got me running…

All these yellow lights
She craving, waiting for it every night
I’m speeding feigning for that paradise
Thats why I’m flying through these yellow lights
Can’t think twice, she want it bad (Yeah)
She want it bad (uh)
Can’t think twice, I’m running that

Girl I’m on my way…way…way
Just wait up for me…me…me
I got what you’ll need…need….need
I can’t wait til you are next to me so I keep running all of these…

Yellow lights
She craving, waiting for it every night
I’m speeding feigning for that paradise
Thats why I’m flying through these yellow lights
Can’t think twice, she want it bad (Yeah)
She want it bad (uh)
Can’t think twice, I’m running that
She want it bad
So bad…so bad…
Can’t think twice, I’m running that
Video Rating: / 5

Fashion Plates Deluxe Kit


Fashion Plates Deluxe Kit

Fashion Plates Deluxe Kit

  • Kahootz-Fashion plates deluxe kit
  • It is an imported item
  • Recommended for ages 6 and up
  • The classic set updated with all new fashions!
  • High-quality rubbing plates for endless combinations!
  • 30+ piece set with fashion carry along case!
  • Brought to you by Kahootz Toys, where we use our skills and passions to bring great kids’ products into the world

Kahootz-Fashion plates deluxe kit. Create your own unique fashions with this mix and match drawing set! this 12x13x2 inch package contains fifteen fashion plates, twenty sheets of papers, eight colored pencils, two rubbing crayons, one crayon holder, one drawing tablet, one fashion carrying case and one fashion folio idea guide. Recommended for ages 6 and up. Conforms to ASTM d 4236. Imported.

List Price: $ 29.99


Davidoff – A lifestyle brand

The Davidoff Family has been producing the world’s finest luxury cigars. Whether it’s for that special occasion or to enjoy a moment of intense pleasure, relaxation and happiness, make Davidoff cigars your cigar of choice. Davidoff cigars are offered in eight exquisite selections, annual limited editions and assortment boxes. Zino Davidoff was born on March 11, 1906 in Kiev, Russian Empire, present-day Ukraine. He was the eldest of four children born to tobacco merchant, Henri Davidoff. Even in his own autobiographical writings, the facts on Zino’s youth are a bit hazy, as he was quite young during this time and could only piece together some stories of his youth. His parents were either cigar merchants or cigarette manufacturers in Kiev. Fleeing the political turmoil, his parents left some of their family behind and emigrated to Geneva, Switzerland in 1911 for a better life and opened their own tobacconist shop in 1912. Finishing school in 1924, he went to Latin America to learn about the tobacco trade, spending time in such places as Argentina, Brazil, and finally Cuba where he spent two years working on a plantation and first encountered Cuban cigars.

The Davidoff Philosophy: Of Man and Brand

Zino Davidoff, who was undoubtedly “a man of the world,” understood the pleasures of enjoying the moment. He understood people, respected them, and never took himself too seriously; nor did he ever lose sight of his purpose, which was to enrich the lives of others by providing them with one of the good things Life has to offer: a highly flavorful and aromatic cigar. Because of his personal philosophy, enjoying the “The Good Life,” Zino believed in perceiving the world with all the senses in order to better appreciate the finer nuances of Life’s pleasures.

These values are mirrored in the brand philosophy: to enjoy Life’s most delightful moments with spirit and emotion, either for oneself, or together with friends. This is how Davidoff defines “The Good Life.” Anyone who has had the pleasure of smoking Davidoff cigars knows their dedication to fine craftsmanship is evidenced by the painstaking detail and quality of each luxurious selection. If Davidoff cigars stand for something other than quality, it’s their credibility.

A pack of Davidoff Classic Cigarettes

In August 2006, Imperial Tobacco acquired the worldwide Davidoff cigarette trademark from its owners, Tchibo Holding AG for £368 million (€540 million). Imperial Tobacco Group had been the licensee of the worldwide Davidoff cigarette trademark since its acquisition of Reemtsma in 2002.

The cigarette range includes the Magnum, Supreme, Classic, Mild, Lights, Magnum Lights, Slims, Super Slims, Ultra lights, Menthol, Menthol Lights, One and Gold. Rothmans, Benson & Hedges of Canada began importing Davidoff cigarettes for sale in the Canadian market in April 2007.

The Oettinger Davidoff Group owns the worldwide Davidoff trademark for tobacco products other than cigarettes. Davidoff cigars continue to be produced in the Dominican Republic, under the direction of cigar blender Hendrik “Henke” Kelner. Since moving to the Dominican Republic, most of the vitolas were retained, although the Chateaux series was renamed the “Grand Cru” series and the names switched from wine estates names to simply numbers, and the Dom Perignon was discontinued. Davidoff has also added an Aniversario series, a Millennium series, and a Special series of figurados to its lineup, along with numerous limited edition and yearly special releases. Davidoff also produces a line of cigars known as “Zino” and a line of cigarillos. is an Online Cigarettes with a vaste source of news and articles related to tobacco world. Visit and buy Cigarettes Online.

University business


Business Accreditation in the US:
Simplifying the Options

If you are considering studying business in the US, there is such a wide array of post-secondary programs and institutions open to foreign students that your initial options may seem endless. However, the rigorous screening processes of national accrediting bodies like the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS) can give you an excellent starting point for your search.

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Since 1953, ACICS has engaged in the evaluation and accreditation of independent colleges and career schools. In 1956, the Accrediting Council was officially designated by the US Commissioner of Education as a nationally recognized accrediting agency. Such recognition has been continuously renewed by the US Secretary of Education since that time, and in 1997, ACICS was given the maximum five-year grant of recognition by the Secretary.

ACICS currently accredits institutions operating in the US, Puerto Rico, the Cayman Islands, England, France, Italy, Monaco, Germany, Greece, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland. Foreign institutions seek ACICS accreditation because of its comprehensive educational evaluations and the follow-up services it provides to member institutions as they work to gain and maintain accreditation through compliance with Council standards.

Approximately 375 main campuses and 250 non-main campuses are accredited by the Council. Programs mainly include traditional business areas such as accounting, business administration, secretarial sciences and computer operations. In addition, programs such as entrepreneurship, international business, marketing, court reporting, paralegal, computer-aided drafting, culinary arts, allied health, and electronics may be offered. The current ACICS Directory of Accredited Institutions contains a summary of all programs and a listing for each location.

Credentials offered by institutions include certificates, diplomas, associate’s degrees, bachelor’s degrees, and master’s degrees. The Council requires that all member institutions publish and clearly explain each of their program objectives and what students can expect in their chosen career field once they have completed a program of study. An ACICS-accredited institution’s catalogue will give you all of the detailed information you will need to assess the programs offered at a school you are considering attending.

Through the process of accreditation, institutions and the programs they offer are evaluated and recognized for quality assurance. The Council’s aim is to maintain the educational quality and the effectiveness of the private career schools and colleges which it accredits, as the accrediting process is a vehicle for institutional self-examination and self-regulation. The Council is dedicated to the 300,000 students who pursue career education at its accredited institutions each year.

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for complete details about study in abroad, visit study in abroad corner

10 Business Lessons I Learned As An Entrepreneur

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In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of, talks about 10 entrepreneurial lessons he has learned over the years. Being and entrepreneur is an amazing career choice but there are definitely some things you need to be aware of before you get started. These 10 business lessons are ones that I learned and wanted to share with you.

Aaron Marino of alpha m. says that if you told him 10 years ago that he would be successful by talking to a camera about how he shaves his testicles, he would have punched you in the face. Back then, he thought success was owning a chain of fitness centers. Success doesn’t always look like you expect. Being an entrepreneur is not easy! But Alpha has learned valuable lessons along the way which he shares here.

Valuable Business Lessons

1. Choose business partners wisely – do background checks. It’s like a marriage and legally binding.

2. Control overhead expenses – you pay everyone else before you’re paid.

3. Don’t be afraid of hard work – the mountain is steep, and you have to climb it.

4. Take your pride and throw it out the window – you will have to do any and everything to be successful. Swallow your pride.

5. Know when it’s time to move on – “Shoot the bleeding dog.”

6. Look for opportunity everywhere – search out for markets that are unfulfilled

7. Hire smart and surround yourself with good people – not just qualified but people who you want to be associated with; those with good moral character and compasses

8. Be honest and ethical in everything you do

9. Success is not always what you expect it to or want it to

10. Do what you love and then it’s not work!
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